Domain prices

Registering a domain for your website is easy! No forms to fill out, just tell us what you want and we'll do it for you. As well as a domain, you also need hosting for your website. domain


If If your customers are Aussie, then getting a domain is a must.

  • Best for Aussie business
  • No forms, just ask us
  • 1st month hosting FREE!

We can also register other Australian domain names including, and

.com domain


Take over the world with a .com domain.

  • Best for worldwide business
  • No forms, just ask us
  • 1st month hosting FREE!

FAQs for Noobs

It's okay to be a noob! Have questions about how websites, domains and hosting works? Here are some frequently answered questions, but if you have more call us.

What exactly is hosting?

Space to store your website & email.

Every website needs to be stored somewhere so that people can access it on the internet. The easiest way to do this is to rent space from a host!

To use your own professional email address such as, hosting is required to store your emails. Of course your domain also needs to be registered to do this.

What is a Domain?

The unique web address for people to find your website on the internet.

For example is the domain used for people to visit our Saltmedia website. Domains are registered for a period of 1 or 2 years. Registering your own domain also allows you to use a professional looking email address, such as, which also requires hosting.

When should I register my domain?

Before you print your business cards.

To save yourself the cost & time of reprinting your business cards later, register your domain now. Domain names aren't always available, and you don't want someone else to register your preferred domain name before you do. Get your domain and email sorted while your cards are being printed. You can always create your website later.

Head over to our sister Saltprint for business cards!

Should I register a .com or a is best to attract Australian customers, and .com is best for international customers.

It's a personal thing, and you can choose which ever domain suits you, or both of them! Most Australian online customers trust a domain more than a .com, because you need an ABN to register a domain.

If your website customers are international, it may be better to register a .com or even a country specific domain such as for New Zealand for example.. Some international laws may apply to certain domains. If the domains are available, you can register both and .com domains.

Can I BYO hosting or domains?

Yes, but...

We can only offer limited support for your services from other providers. We can setup your new website, but further support will need to come from your hosting provider. The same goes for BYO domains, you will need to be able to change some domain settings yourself, or rely on your domain provider for additional support.

You can also tranfer your already registered domain to us for free! When the domain eventually expires, then you renew with Saltmedia.