Brisbane City + a Backyard Celebration

We met with these two at a local coffee shop years ago now. Goodness we are grateful. They are two of the lovliest wild souls I think I have ever met. They embraced their wedding season with creativity, uniqueness and grace. Even through the covid season, they embraced every turn and in an attempt to rise above they celebrated every set back. They faced it with joy and creativity along side their disappointment and heartache. Needless to say, as they rode their wedding wave they stayed open to change and ended up with a wedding so vastly different to what they originally planned. I think somehow, the world threw all its magic their way because as we sat on the floor of their hotel room eating chicken wings and gin - the few who were there had just witnessed the best wedding ever. They signed and committed their lives legally in Brisbane one valentines afternoon, and celebrated with putt putt and dancing in the street. 
A few weeks later they invited their nearest and dearest to party and celebrate along side them in their home. This is more than just their house... it is the place they have planned on bringing their babies home to - a place their puppy snuggles up on the couch with them, and a place where they come back together every night. Its where they become one. So it is only fitting that  the magic continued and shortly after we got the news.... We are pregnant! 
So thankful for these guys and the many other little ones that are on their way because of their wild love.