Cowbell Creek, Gold Coast

Their wedding made me cry... A lot. I normally shed a little happy tear cos I am a massive sucker, but somehow I became so absorbed in their story that in the middle of their speeches I had tears rolling down my cheeks. They are the kind of peaceful unobtrusive and kind hearted souls that I just adore being around. Right from the start I knew they were the kind of people who didn't want a show, or to be center of attention, but instead genuinely wanted to celebrate the day as if it was everyone celebration. They allowed me the greatest gift of space - they let me sit back and watch - capturing the little patches of beauty. They didn't like the camera... as most people don't, but in-spite of it they allowed me the space and freedom to just create something lovely with them.  I looked at texture, ambiance and we followed the light.  They were completely taken up in their day, un aware of most of the frames and seeing their little sentiments littered through the day just made my heart happy.
I don't believe its anything that I do that makes a wedding great... I am just a reflection of the celebration. I believe it is the people that make it wonderful, and these guys were just that. They were simple, beautiful, elegant, authentic and their little family carry's with them this joyful peace which perhaps is what I connected with the most. 
Thank you for having me guys - your day will always be so cherished by me.