Alex + Fynn

Gabbinbar Homestead

Wow... What a way to kick of 2021 and a way to celebrate all things marriage! They style, the incredibly easy to photograph genes, and their two hearts for meaningful marriage made for one spectacular day. 
So as tinder (the christian kind) dates go... this one went well beyond planned. Alex was smitten with her tall and very handsome date right away, but although Fynn had struck gold with Alex, he still obliged the next girl with a date shortly after. Alas, after being catfished, they went on a second date, then another and another until one day in Germany, Fynn dropped to his knee and asked her that one little question. 
She knew she loved him quite early. He was sitting in the living room marking exams for his students. That was it.... literally... No grand gesture, or all encompassing moment of romance. It was that simple, mundane "nothing" moment that sent this girl jumping all in. 
I love that about them. In all the beauty of this wedding - and there was a lot, at the heart of all of it is something so simple, pure and homely. There is a peace around them, and I know many many many more of these simple moments awaiting them. 
We pray your marriage is abundantly blessed, enriched by many more simple moments, and that you will walk this journey with assurance that wherever you go, you will go together.



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