Sirromet Winery

Now this was a day completely full to the brim of love, happiness and honourable moments. It was one of those days when you pinch yourself that you get to capture love like this. Everyone was invested in this day - everyone! From guests to parents to the MC's theatrical and over the top opening welcome to the speeches laced with tears, heart wrenching love and happiness. 
Sherri and Joel are ridiculous.  Not just cos they are so flippen good looking... but because they are gems of humans. Their celebration was genuinely a culmination of their favourite people dancing, drinking and laughing  together. Everyone including Sherri and Joel completely letting go of all else in order to justly remember and honour this moment for the significant mile stone it was.

Every moment there was something beautiful to capture - something natural and genuine. We really quite literally were able to sit back and watch this day unfold. They didn't need us to guide them, but just wanted us to join in with them and that was honestly the most beautiful feeling for Nath and I.

We love you more than Eagle Rock and drinking wine from someones shoe.