Summergrove Estate

They met on Bus 28 on the way home from school. George went to the school just across the road from Soph and despite the haul of peanuts he threw in her direction, she eventually took notice of him in - in the lovely young love kind of way. They were 15. 
Many years later, after graduating, after careers, after buying houses and making a home, they stood in a little chapel in front of all their favourite people and said they would do it all over again for the rest of their lives.

We met Soph and George a few years ago now - thanks covid - and fell in love with her sweetness and his seriously cute sense of humour. It is effortless around them. They are warm, kind and when you can't help but fall in love with them when you watch the way George just adores her. 
Their day was HOT... its like Summer had saved all its warmth up for this one day and dang we were all a sweat'n... but with the summer heat comes a summer storm and holy heck was it worth it. 
In the middle of Dad's speech at their reception, the room started shaking. The thunder roared and hail shook the windows of the barn. It was pretty insane - but even more incredible was the joy of walking out for sunset photos to see little pillows of white clouds envelop the valley below. It was stunning. We were all a little overwhelmed at it and it became one of those really gentle moments of peace and reflection.
We love you guys more than Dickson's cider, fireworks and smoke bombs.