We are Nath + Soph - Welcome to our little venture Salt. We have been married for 4 years and have a son Isaac who is 13. We live in a small unit in the Gold Coast hinterland and some of our favourite things are food, wine and travel. The long term dream is to live in a little chateau in France with our English Bulldog snoring on the front porch while we eat cheese for lunch - that sounds pretty good! We highly value simple, and time rich lifestyles prioritising the health and enjoyment of our family life. We value productivity in balance with restfulness and aim to bring this Peace to a sometimes hectic wedding day. We thrive in and love the fast pace high pressure of a wedding day yet along side that, we value and relish the quiet slowness of our editing zones.


Nath is your videographer. He is an audio engineer and production + event organiser bringing all the technical well thought out plans and structures for the capture of your day. He is the “Redundant back up everything” kind of guy who brings methodical and integral protection to the capture of your images. Not only does he value and place importance on how we capture your wedding, he is passionate about providing the very best quality cinematography and service we can to our couples. 

He is also a down right idiot. haha. Totally down to earth, no fuss, easy going kind of guy’s guy who you can only love to have around. He is sensitive to stay discrete throughout your wedding day and places high importance on getting the best technical result whilst staying low key and out of the way of your guests. He will make you feel comfortable and relaxed in front of our cameras, especially for the men who often mistake photography sessions as being highly feminine. 

He is in charge of the technical running of your wedding day, planning camera angles, lenses and coordinating audio equipment with your venders for your ceremony and speeches. He’s the guy to edit your speeches and ceremony films, as well as mixing and balancing all of your audio for your feature. He focuses on achieving a subtle and elegant balance and will edit and edit until it is just right.


Although Soph has the same end goal and vision for your day she works totally differently to Nath. Thats why it works! While Nath is setting all the procedure and technicals in place, Soph is off in her creative world of focussing on creatively, and elegantly capturing the images that really reflect your relationship and celebration. She focuses heavily on creating a safe and inviting environment around her photography sessions so that you can step in and not feel as though you have to model or pose. The greatest purpose is to be able to reflect the people in front of the camera and not a copy of a trend or Pinterest board. 

She is a down to earth, no faff kind of girl who appreciates and gets straight to the authenticity in people. She is always admiring and capturing the way light falls in a space. Paying special attention to the feel of a space over trying to achieve the "perfect" frame. To her, perfection is found in authenticity, not a immaculately laid out train, or stiff traditional bridal pose. She chases, emotion, texture, light and makes time for realness in her images. Editorial photography captures a story, and pulls at capturing emotion as it is and this is what she strives to achieve for her couples. 

On your day she will chat to you through your sessions to calm nerves and distract you from that glooming lens. To her its just as important to know who you are as it is to take your picture and she finds deep value and thankfulness in knowing her couples as best she can in the brief time we spend together. She also creates your feature films. As important as it is to get to know her couples, it is equally as important to make a film that is honest to how your day was and create a beautiful representation of your relationship.