Wedding Video Gallery

Wedding cinematography that is kept simple with a low key, elegant approach to the capture. Our films are romantic and story driven, with a sophisticated classic, timeless approach to editing and music selection. 

Oh My! Oh my, oh my. We are both in shock. Absolutely no words. Crying one minuet, hysterically laughing the next... Our story clips, the black and white, the snippets of every hug. There are not enough 'thank-you's' that we could give. "How Special" were the first words we spoke! Seriously, we are SO grateful for you and Nath. Thanking our lucky stars that we had you both on this2.5 year journey but even more grateful because we know that beyond our wedding, we have made such a special friendship with you.


Ardeena - NSW

Holy Shit! That was so good! Can't believe that was our wedding. You captured it perfectly. Exactly how I remembered it. We sat watching it with tears in our eyes, thank you so much - it is just stunning. The end is... I don't even have words. I can't believe how quickly 9 minuets goes when you love every single second.


Sirromet - QLD

Oh My Gosh! We have just watched the first film and oh my god we are just so in love with the way you have captured the day - Scott describes it as "Epic"
Thank you so so much, it's so perfect. You have done an incredible job capturing so many moments into 7 minuets as well as removing some very drunk content haha.


The Warehouse - BNE

Everything is just so perfect! We spent hours on the couch watching everything and going through all the beautiful photos. Memories we will cherish for a lifetime. We were both in tears - the video is absolutely incredible, captures our day perfectly. We can't thank you enough for everything you have done in the lead up, on our wedding day and after. We love you guys!


Summergrove Estate

Sophie and Nath, I have so much to rave about! 
The thing we love most though is how comfortable we feel in their presence. Sophie and Nath are so sweet and a bundle of laughs, we hit it off at our very first meeting. They ran with any idea you have and the images always come out more magical than anticipated.  We will be taking these two through all of our big life moments that are yet to come, we just feel so good in their presence and have such a great connection. We couldn’t be happier that we found Sophie and Nath and I know you’ll feel the same!


Backyard Wedding - Gold Coast

Could not have asked more more perfect photographers for out special day! They make you feel like they're part of the family, it was so easy to get the most beautiful photos because they just put us at ease and we were so comfortable with them. Great communication throughout the whole process , couldn't have chosen better!


Dust Temple - Gold Coast

You guys!! Our hearts are so full! Everything was incredible! YOU TWO are so incredible. You smashed LITERALLY EVERYTHING and I can't believe how perfectly you captured our day. Blair had years in his eyes just opening the box and looking through the prints. Pre- engagement, I would watch these beautiful wedding videos on You tube and cry and always wished that one day I would have one of my own and now I do. You two are the bloody bee's knees.


The Refinery - BNE

WHAT THE HECK?!! I have absolutely no words. Our hearts are so full, this is so so so amazing and perfect. Thank you will never be enough


Cowbell Creek - Gold Coast