Oh these two! Name a better duo, I'll Wait... In all honesty, Nathan + Sophie- you are a breathe of fresh air, have the kindest hearts, and are so incredible at what you do. From the get go,  you were nothing but down to earth, professional, kind, humorous + creative. Your attention to detail is insane and you capture every little part and make it so special. you made us feel so comfortable and completely ourselves. So thank you so incredibly much, we can't get enough of our photos and film. Lots of love. xx


Melissa + Scott

Soph + Nath, words cannot express the true magnitude of appreciation and gratitude we have for your amazing work. Over the last 2 weeks we have so thoroughly enjoyed sharing our wedding video and photos with our loved ones. We have had FaceTime viewings with our family with ooooh so many happy tears. What an amazing memory we will cherish always, thanks to how well you have captured our day. You are both so incredibly talented and we can't thank you enough for everything. Lots of love to you both.


Sophie – these are just incredible!!!
Every time I go through them I can’t help but smile and spot absolute gems. We cannot thank you enough for everything on the day and post-edit. I can’t wait to share with all our family and friends, and have a few printed out for our new home!

Recommending you far and wide for all our friends getting married soon!!

Sophie and Nath, I have so much to rave about! We were stoked when we pitched our idea of hiking to our favourite waterfall and they jumped at the adventure! Sophie and Nath both had us so excited for the day of the shoot and we knew exactly what the plan was so our nerves were settled. 
The thing we love most though is how comfortable we feel in their presence. Sophie and Nath are so sweet and a bundle of laughs, we hit it off at our very first meeting.
They will run with any idea you have and the images always come out more magical than anticipated. 
We will be taking these two through all of our big life moments that are yet to come, we just feel so good in their presence and have such a great connection. 
We couldn’t be happier that we found Sophie and Nath and I know you’ll feel the same!

Bree + Chris


Nath + Soph are the most authentic, down to earth, encouraging + warm people you will probably ever meet. We had a lot of hurdles to navigate as we had a 'Covid' wedding but the one thing we were sure about was that Nath + Soph HAD to be there with us on the day. Not only do they have talent by the bucket loads they also bring a sense of ease, calm collected-ness and most importantly; joy. My husband isnt normally one for taking photos but he enjoyed it so much. We loved how we came away feeling like we just hung out with friends we have known forever. They will warm your heart and encourage you to shine, providing you with the most authentic, true and beautiful memories.


You guyssssss, our hearts are so full! Everything was so incredible! YOU TWO are so incredible. You smashed LITERALLY everything and I can’t believe how perfectly you captured our day. Blair had tears in his eyes just opening the box and looking through the prints (which was so amazing btw. Your branding, everything is so beautifully done!) uhhhh just thank you so much, we love you guys and we’re so happy we chose you to capture our day. Pre-engagement I would always watch these beautiful wedding videos on YouTube (and cry of course) and I always wished that one day I’d have one of my own and now I do! The photos, everything JUST. SO. PERFECT. You two are the bloody bees knees?