They met at Uni... Gabby's first impressions of Luke were that he was a bit obnoxious. Finally though, in their last year of study, her opinions changed. She realised he was actually a pretty funny, kind and a generous person she didn't mind spending time with. Luke's first impressions of Gab were that she was very genuine, didn’t follow trends or the crowd but was unashamedly herself. 
We loved these two as soon as we met them online. They were living long distance at the time so as we started the three way facetime we giggled as Luke fumbled with a headset set up that meant his audio for the call was on point. In opposition was Gabby - terrible wifi, and her audio was disconnecting from the call for a reason none of us could figure. But thats these two for you. Luke is methodical, collected, super intelligent and has something either dirty, or quite interesting to say. And beautiful sweet Gab... well I fell in love with her gentle but fiercely sassy self instantly. 
We did our photog, couple relationship long distance also, and when we finally got to meet the day before their wedding in Launceston it felt like home.
Their wedding was simple, and the destination of Launceston meaningful as it is a family holiday spot. Many beautiful memories made here so why not add one of the best to the list. Gabby's dress was custom made for her, and my goodness its elegance and simplicity just wrapped her in all kinds of goodness!
They decided to do a first look as the both of them needed this moment of quiet to calm them before the guests arrived. They also chose to read their vows to each other in this private moment so that they could give all their attention to them with out the pressure of the crowd watching. This was my favourite moment to witness and also very special and Nath and I were the only two allowed into this tender moment.
Their easy going simple aesthetic really echoed the landscape around them. The rustic summer scorched grass and ever green trees of Tasmania paired with the late sunset with wine and great food from Josef Chromy. 
Your classic, great food,great wine, great company, and beautiful scenery kind of wedding and we loved every minuet of these guys!